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15x5x3 foot (what can i say i am anal about numbers!)

Acryllic, with secret weir

Sps which is almost exclusively acro, with a little stylo and some monti on its own island. Lots of stag and table acro. Scaped very open but only parts of it like chingchais, as i would like some cove and cut through sections so some acro is hidden unless you look carefully.

Around 70 or 80 fish- wrasse, tangs, anthias etc (nothing daft tbh)

Few carpet nems, some massive show stopping lobophillia on the sand

Filtration would be algae bed around 20sq ft which would have 6 sections to harvest one weekly, 2 300 supermarine bk skimmers would cope

Supplimrntation is a hybrid

Calcium reactor contant day (40-50%)
Kalkwasser constant night to keep ph even (10-15%)
Balling classic constant to offer a degree of water change and the ability to balance elements and dose elements (35-50%)
All using expensive adjustable stepper motor peris

Lighting possibly 12 x orphek atlantik

In line water change tank of 1000l though the idea is not to with any regularity

Tbf i reckon 100k would do this so my dream is moderate as dreams go, however it would take more than 5 and the bonus though given i would need to buy a fairly sizeable house to house it and the filtration room, the odds of which would need bruce almighty- given i dont do the lottery!


Qt and treatment of fish yes (no idea how though), but yes the design of fish room is complete with a large scale fish qt, and most importantly coral qt and treatment

The tank is in wall, but is located in the fish room, complete with air con which i would hope will largeley eliminate heating, and cerrainly cooling

Nothing fancy for me, everything controlled by timers from argos (expensive timers reset or fail, inc aquarium computers, cheap argoo timers pro ably more often, i just keep a stock of 3 for £15 knocking around)

Same crack for atu, cheap float switch (in the kbowledge they can stick on or off easily), backed up by the fact its on a mechanical timer and using a suitably sized peri to limit any overfilling (this is how i do it now and see no need to go fancy, fancy tackle breaks, cheap tackle breaks, only geniune quality would be bought no matter what the dream!)

6 mp60 would provide circulation (if its done in glass (acryllic maybe tunze or panta reih)

It would have a generator with whatever that thing you need to stop your generator electrocuting the repair man trying to restore your power, which would kick in automstically (located descreetly in the garden.

Sink etc in the fish room

Big ro system with multi membrane and di resin to keep tds consistently zero with routine changes.
Stored in ibc which is on steel frame and pipes/valves to whichever apperatus (balling muxing vessels (which are piped straight to the dosing container), atu tank, water change tank , ro washing station (test kits etc)

Lockable storage cabinet for reagents

Return pump undecided but would be efficency vs price on a like for like flow between abyzz multi ted dragon dc or say 2 blue eco 250 (i think)

There are 2 big sumps on this, on a racking system. Sump 1 – skimmers then algae then weir, to sump 2, algae again, live rock refuge, return area.
Exsact sizes not figured (there is planning ahead and then there is dreaming!)

Tbh i dont think there is much i havent thought about hadyn

Even the lighting is on electrically operated lifting gear for access