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My ultimate system, be it rather stretched reality, or dream, is a pretty simple idea.

A Red Sea biotope, viewable from 3 sides, with a large, deep, stepped buttress of rock, overhanging a vast area of bare sand. Clouds of anthias/half&half chromis towards the top, and all manner of butterflies, angels, wrasses, and surgeons flitting in and out of the rockwork.

The very top would be a surge platform, where sohals would be in their element, and a walkway out along the buttress would give a panoramic view down the sides, and onto the sand. Further down, the sandbed would be home to blue-spot stingrays, and myriad wrasses – possibly garden eels (and if I’m allowed to dream, a Humphead wrasse) The open water would be punctuated with shoals of fusiliers.

No live corals, just large faux plates in concentric rings for the Addis to hide under.

System details:

Size: anything really- you could scale this from a nano to a quarry.
Circulation – wave machine facing the buttress – 1-2 feet crests should do it. Additional circulation provided by return pumps and many industrial fans for cross circ.
Lighting – lots of natural light – buttress facing south – supplemented with 6.5k MH (2000w)
Filtration – FSBs for biolifter, pressurised sand beds for detritus, vast refugia, industrial skimmers
Rockwork – resin/epoxy coated concrete for base, plating both natural and resin and coloured to suit. No LR – no nasties.
Quarantine – vast and rigorous – industrial scale
Power – much use of renewables – wind/solar
Substrate – the finest oolite.
No visible equipment

Looking forward to reading of other ideas – once again, good shout Haydn.