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Something I`ve been toying with the idea of since I got the apex is Seasonal temperatures.

You can make the apex set your tank temperature to seasonal averages (im not sure which seas theyve sampled for this data). From what I can see, it`s coldest around now, with 1st of Feb being 23.8 degrees, whilst the 1st aug is 26.9.

This for me sounds about right, in fact it would work better with my central heating too, being colder at this time of year, my tank heater spends more time on. Whereas in Aug, it wont be too hard to maintain 26.9 degrees.

Does anybody already follow this?
Does anybody know if there`s any benefit to the corals (LPS, SPS) by following this?

I also have a vertex illumina and I do use the lunar moon settings on there, I would like to replicated nature as much as I`m able to.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Just for info, you can also set your alarms/chiller to trigger using maths, say seasonal temperature + 1 degree for the chiller to come, or +2 degrees for the alarm to turn on etc.