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I’ve seen that one – I used that to understand the principles – however I don’t like the idea of using pipes for the syphon – too easily blocked up from what I have been informed – I am going to build a syphon that is 7″ wide – less chance of an air lock building – and incorporate a valve that I can use to suck out any air – by curving the red and blue parts (see diagram) I hope that I will get smother water movement and cut out any eddies that would cause air to form so easily ie though cavitation

I’ve added a diagram that shows what I am trying to do – this requires just 4 pieces – I am trying to locate thicker acylic myself as the stuff I have is just too brittle – this is of a similar style to the schraun overflow box (which happend to be 1 ” too big at the back)

I am also going to drill at the corners of the cut out – as this is the normal failure point – I am going to attempt to cut out the hole using my dremel – lots of small holes and then just sane to shape – alas no router – though I will see if any one else has one