Reply To: Dear Mods


Thanks. My Kalwasser top-up is via Tunze Osmolator which runs often and adds pretty small amounts of Kalk at the time (to the sump). Don’t think this can cause any major KH/PH swings, but I can replace kalk with pure water for a few weeks and see it this helps…

Flow – tried moving small xenia rock to different flow areas – not much difference, but seems to be surviving slightly better (but just barely) in extremely high flow areas.

Regarding lighting – yes it’s very different. On the old tank I had 3 x T5, new one has 2 x Kessil 360 LEDs currently running at 60% (started from 30% and increasing gradually). But again, I tried to place different xenia pieces right at the bottom and very close to the top – no difference. Unless it doesn’t like LEDs at all…