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So I bought my Sig 900 from the classifieds off of Andy1982 and I’m more than happy with the deal I got it for so thanks bud
But my missus has thrown a spanner in the works by insisting it needs to be white and not black grrrrr. So after having a chat with a member on here (Crookesy) (thanks bud),who offered to spray it for me I had to make a decision on whether it was worth me traveling to Sheffield or find someone nearer to home so I thanked Crookesy for the kind offer and decided on it made more sense for me to drop it off with a company closer to home as then i could just leave it with them and not worry about two long journeys to drop off and to pick up.
So today I have dropped the cabinet off and hopefully it will be wrapped this week or next week (Christmas allowing )
Can’t wait…