Fish Category: Basslets and Groupers

Basslets and Groupers

Reaching an average length of two inches in captivity, Basslets are colorful, hardy, and generally peaceful, although they may become territorial. If more than one member of the species is added to the aquarium, add these fish simultaneously, as severe conflicts may arise. Offer these fish plenty of hiding places.

Most Groupers grow up to 12 inches in captivity and frequently outgrow the average-sized aquarium. The diet of these fish consists of fish, crustaceans, and cephalopods. A large aquarium with adequate hiding places is necessary to maintain Groupers in captivity. It is advisable to keep one species of Grouper per tank, as these fish may become aggressive towards other tankmates and themselves.

Royal Gramma

Royal GrammaThe Royal Gramma is most certainly an amazing addition to any aquarium as it brings with it a great personality and a burst of colour. It body consists of beginning from head to midsection in vibrant purple then gradually contrasted into a electric yellow down to the caudal fin.RequirementsIn order to house this amazing fish Read More …